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Technology that increases the self awareness of your Oil & Gas assets.


Over the past decade, drilling contractors and operators have steadily marched toward more cognitive drilling and completion processes and practices, with Shell’s deployment of autonomous drilling and trajectory control systems linked to the well plan in 2009, to National Oil Varco’s NOVA System for automated downhole data collection and well trajectory control in 2012. These technologies have demonstrated the value of operational automation, where a provided well plan is automatically followed, increasing efficiencies over human operators by lowering drilling costs and time to depth through increased ROP.


These innovative developments are a by-product of optimization efforts coupled with the recognition of a knowledge deficit within the drilling community. With the most recent downturn, knowledge loss within our industry has only accelerated, setting back the technical abilities of every organization and jeopardizing gains in drilling and completion efficiencies, production levels and operational safety. NarSysTech's consulting services and Sentient Product Line, coupled with 3rd party applications, will stem this loss of knowledge and provide a basis for sustainable and ever increasing efficiencies




NarSysTech provides consulting services that leverage limited resources into new market opportunities through consolidation and integratin between business units, development of more self-aware services and technologies, and optimization of company capabilities.





Our products extend drilling and completion automation to include the adjustment of well and completion plans through real-time integration of data while capturing the knowledge inherent in the decision-making process. NarSysTech technology moves the industry from the static connected systems of today to the dynamic, self-aware and cognitive systems of the future. Systems that are aware of all the information that impact their state, automatically monitor that information to validate current predictive models, and modify those models and the field development plans dependent on them, while keeping all relevant experts informed and capturing their decisions and the conditions that lead to them.



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