NarSysTech recognizes that the oil & gas industry is moving more toward automated and collaborative technologies that enable a company's expertise to be maintained with a reduced workforce and distributed around the World. This evolution from more traditional approaches to asset exploitation, will require technology that understands how distributed personnel work most effectively, and how to enable them to more effectively perform their jobs. NarSysTech provides the consulting, products and services needed to build the more cognitive and conscious systems of the future.


NarSysTech's mission is to enable reduced and distributed workforces to more effectively exploit oil and gas assets throughout the World through focused consulting services and the development and implementation of systems that capture best-practices and provide decision-making capabilities.



NarSysTech is building off the experience of its founder and the technology and ideas developed at S2S Systems International over the past 12 years. Extending temporally and spatially accurate dataintegration platform to include more cognition.



NarSysTech and its predecessors have successfully completed a number of integration and consolidation projects that have expanded their clients service opportunities by leveraging existing resources and consolidating disparate product capabilites into integrated commercial offerings. Examples of several projects are provided here.



Stuart A. Jackson is the founder of NarSysTech, bringing more than 25 years of computer science, oil and gas exploration and asset exploitation experience to NarSysTech. He designed and developed one of the first real-time data capture and analysis systems for the exploration sector and plug-n-play solution for well completions. These unique hardware and software solutions were designed to build integrated models and validate the data and models via real-time data collection. Over his career, he has continued to lead the technical push toward more automated systems and NarSysTech is the next step in this lifelong pursuit.



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