NarSysTech software automates the drilling and completion planning with a continuously updated factory plan that increases well and stage consistency, standardizing the well results without sacrificing the benefits of factory processes. As the industry continues to standardize and optimize the drilling and completion processes, NarSysTech will provide the tools needed to standardize and optimize the production results through our patent pending Production Guided Property Analysis (PGPA) Workflow.

The PGPA Workflow combines all observed reservoir information with the field development plan to produce a production potential volume that is used to minimize non-economic wells and completion stages. The PGPA volume is continually updated as more reservoir knowledge is obtained or field development completed, ensuring the volumes high predictive capabilities.

Unlike full reservoir simulations, the PGPE workflow is fast, accurate and produces a unique solution based solely on observed data, not non-unique numeric models. Analysis is completed within minutes of new data entry, allowing fast and accurate decisions to be made that increase the effectiveness of the factory processes

PGPA is the next evolutionary step in factory drilling and stimulation, providing unconventional operators with a more automated and standardized approach, resulting in more consistent wells and completion stages.

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