NarSysTech products and services will build and manage holistic and cognitive systems, that recognize the benefits and necessity of more automation and that enable employees to more effectively collaborate, regardless of their physical location or specific discipline. The Sentient Product Line consist of the Sentient Cloud, Sentient Drilling, Sentient Completions and Sentient Viewer.

The NarSysTech Product Line includes Sentient Cloud, Sentient Drilling and Sentient Completions, licensed in combination or individually through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

As this diagram shows, regardless of application, an ecosystem is constructed around an asset and all accumulated knowledge is captured and maintained, leveraging this knowledge for future decisions and projects.



Sentient Cloud

Knowledge is derived from the act of collaborating to solve a problem or optimize a result, therefore a knowledge capture system must not only capture the problem and solution, but the process used to arrive at the solution. Sentient Cloud captures the decision making process and utilizes this captured knowledge to expedite and optimize future decisions.



Sentient View

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a spatially and temporally accurate reservoir model is a few orders of magnitude more valuable. Sentient View integrates the results of all NarSysTech Services and provides our clients with a spatially and temporally accurate view of their asset from which participants can make collaborative decisions.



Sentient Drilling

Sentient Drilling requires the integration of geophysical, geological, velocity, pressure and geomechanical models and the validation and refinement of the models while drilling to optimize drilling trajectories.



Sentient Completions

Sentient Completions integrates the results of drilling and production across an entire field with the objective of increasing production and lowering development costs through optimized drill spacing and trajectories.



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