NarSysTech services use our products and other third party products and services to provide the optimal solution based on the desired goals, whether drill, stimulation of complete field management. A sentient solution, regardless of the objectives, has several common components. It must have the ability to capture the clients technical requirements within the context of a workflow, it must be able to rapidly and remotely incorporate new data elements and iterations, it must be able to notify the client when events or critical conditions or met, and finally it must be able take client decisions and learn from them.


While NarSysTech services can meet any number of operational needs, the obvious three areas of focus are drilling, stimulation and field development operations.

Consolidation & Integration Consulting

NarSysTech will analyze organizational structures, technical and personnel competencies and product and service offerings and design restructuring and refocusing plans that will optimize resources, increase efficiencies and open new market potential.


Drilling Management and Quality Control

NarSysTech's Drilling Management utilizes the unique capabilities provided within our Sentient Drilling application that allow the input and capture of client requirements, connectivity to real-time data inputs and remote collaboration between client and vendors needed to optimize drilling operations. The primary objectives of NarSySTech Drilling Management are the efficient and safe drilling of consistently high performing wells through dynamic adjustments to trajectories and completion technologies.


Fracture Management and Quality Control

NarSysTech's Fracture Management utilizes the capabilities within both Sentient Drilling and Sentient Reservoir applications to maximize reservoir contact through dynamic data analysis during operations and collected while drilling. The primary objectives of NarSysTech Fracture Management is the reduction in stimulation costs by focusing on areas along the well bore that promise a positive reservoir response to stimulation, and then to modify stimulation techniques and parameters to enhance the reservoir contact within those areas.


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