Houston - NarSysTech LLC announces the release of its Coin Colletor App. The Coin Collector App provides the ability to identify the type of coin from photos, determine the value of the coin, and save it to a secure catalog, all from a single app. This app will dramatically reduce the time required to determine the type, grade, and value of any coin, and add it to a secure coin collection data store on your device.
Houston - NarSysTech LLC announces the release of its new website. Recognizing that its existing website needed to be updated and improved, NarSysTech has written a new website with tighter integration with client services and software releases, and a more complete description of its Production Potential Modeling (PPM) technology and the Real-time Drainage Analysis (RDA) and Production Guided Interpolation (PGI) applications that rely on this integral technology.
Houston - MicroSeismic, Inc. and NarSysTech LLC have entered into a licensing agreement for NarSysTech's Realtime Drainage Analysis Software and Production Potential Model Server. MicroSeismic will be integrating this patent pending technology into their Real-Time Completion Evaluation Workflow to provide their clients with time-dependent drainage estimates during stimulation operations.

Houston, Texas - NarSysTech, LLC President, Mr. Stuart A. Jackson announced the on time and in budget completion of the development of a Production Potential Modeling Server (PPMServer). The PPMServer was developed through a strategic alliance with MicroSeismic, Inc. who are licensing the NarSysTech Production Potential Modeling technology to provide real-time drainage analysis within their Real-Time Completion Evaluation Workflow.

Real-time drainage analysis provides the unique ability to review expected drainage volume from a completed stage within minutes of completing the stage.

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Houston, Texas – NarSysTech, LLC President, Mr. Stuart A. Jackson and MicroSeismic, Inc CEO, Dr. Peter Duncan announce the formation of a strategic alliance between their companies to leverage each company’s unique strengths and technologies to expand their joint offerings within unconventional field development.

MicroSeismic’s Real-Time Completion Evaluation Workflow will be expanded to include NarSysTech’s Production Potential Modeling. The combined offering represents a unique real-time capability that provides operators with the insight required to more effectively design and evaluate their stimulation plans, more accurately predict and avoid well interference and further increase production rates and recovery factors.